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Simone Mollea


I took both my BA and MA in Classical Philology at the University of Turin, where I wrote my dissertations under the guidance of Andrea Balbo. The BA thesis was an Italian translation and commentary of Aurelius Victor’s Historiae abbreviatae, while in my MA thesis I worked on a commentary of Seneca’s Epistulae ad Lucilium 67 and 68. I then moved to Warwick for my doctoral studies and looked at the concept of humanitas in pagan Latin literature of the imperial age (from the II to the IV century) under the supervision of Victoria Rimell and Maude Vanhaelen. I have been research fellow in Latin language and literature at the University of Turin since 2016.

At the University of Italian Switzerland I teach Basic Latin.


My main research interests are in Latin concepts of value, humanitas in particular, in republican and imperial literature, and in epitomatory works of Late Antiquity (Aurelius Victor above all). In these areas, a revised version of my PhD thesis on pagan humanitas in the imperial age (II-IV centuries) should come out in 2022, and I am also working on the first complete Italian translation with commentary of Aurelius Victor's Historiae abbreviatae. I am also interested in the philosophical work of Seneca (Epistulae ad Lucilium), Digital Humanities and textual criticism.

Since 1 July 2021 I have been involved in the SERICA (Sino-European Religious Intersections in Central Asia. Interactive Texts and Intelligent Networks) project, based at the Universities of Pisa and Turin (PIs Chiara Ombretta Tommasi and Andrea Balbo), and am currently looking at humanitas as a cultural medium between West and East, with a focus on Jesuit works.

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