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Lucía Aguirre Sánchez


Lucía Aguirre Sánchez has a background in Social Anthropology (BA) and Communication Sciences (MSc). She currently conducts her doctoral research, on the relevant behavioral and communication aspects to facilitate the adoption of healthy sustainable diets and the transition to sustainable food systems at USI and SSPH+ (Swiss Public School of Public Health).

During the past years, Lucía worked as a practitioner, facilitating the design and implementation of behavioral interventions in the civil society/nonprofit sector. Her domains of interest include behavioral and social sciences, communication and social marketing interventions, public health (in particular, the intersection of health and environmental sustainability), behaviorally informed policy, design and co-creation facilitation, sustainable food systems.


Digital communication, behaviour change communication, user-centred design, qualitative analysis, mixed-methods, ICT4D, social marketing.