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Marco Maggi


Born in 1973 in Casale Monferrato he is a philosophy  graduate from the Catholic University of Milan (1997) where he also obtained a PhD in Linguistics, Philology and Literature, part of his research taking place in the University of Geneva. Post-doctoral fellowships allowed him to spend two years in the Istituto per gli studi filosofici (Naples) and one year in the Institut d´Études littéraires of the Collège de France (Paris). His research focuses on the Baroque and on the relationship between literature and visual studies.

He edited a collection of texts about the myth of Aurora in the 17th c. (Aurore barocche. Concerto di arti sorelle, Torino, Aragno, 2006) and an unpublished text Vocabulario italiano (Firenze, Olschki, 2008) by Emanuele Tesauro, an author to whom he dedicated numerous studies. Concerning the 17th c. he published articles about Cassiano Dal Pozzo, "spiritual clocks", sacred oratory, multilingual vocabularies, and macaronea. A survey about  the  European Baroque will be momentarily published in Letteratura europea UTET.

In visual studies he edited classics of literature about interart comparison : Rensselaer W. Lee, Ut pictura poesis (Milano, SE, 2011); Mario Praz, Studi sul concettismo (Milano, Abscondita, 2014). One of his latest publications is dedicated to the iconographic sources of the patriotic hymns of Leopardi. He writes about photography for L´indice dei libri del mese.

He also worked on behavioral treatises with studies on civic humanism and Alberti.

With ISI and the Radio svizzera italiana he organized the “radiophonic lectures” Classici italiani. Da Francesco d'Assisi a Italo Calvino. He is a member of Iawis/Aierti (Associazione internazionale per lo studio dei rapporti tra parola e immagine) and of the International Society for Emblem Studies.