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Giuliano Masiero


Giuliano Masiero is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Bergamo and lecturer and researcher at USI. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of York (UK), a doctorate in Economics from the University of Ancona, and the Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale for Associate Professor. He is currently teaching economics, health and public economics, and market regulation in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses in Bergamo and Lugano. He published several scientific papers in the main health economics and policy journals.


The main research areas are health and public economics, with a particular focus to regulation and policy aspects, using theoretical models and econometric techniques. Particular attention has been devoted to the investigation of regulation and competition in primary care markets and local public transports, inefficiencies in the consumption of antibiotics, and energy demand. Major current interest is devoted to the economics of long-term care and the consumption of antidepressant drugs. Some research projects benefited from the financial support of the European Commission and the Swiss National Science Foundation (FNS).