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Edoardo Beretta




An Adjunct Lecturer of the course "Macroeconomia internazionale", Director of examinations of the Faculty of Economics, Program Manager of the Master in Economia e Politiche Internazionale (MEPIN) from a.y. 2017-18 and Adjunct Professor of the courses "Principles of Macroeconomics" (Autumn Semester 2016-17) and "Principles of Microeconomics" (currently) at Franklin University Switzerland (Sorengo-Lugano), his research focus lies on international macroeconomics. In this specific regard he has analyzed selected aspects like the German external/war debt problem in historical perspective, the debate on the international monetary order as well as past and current reform proposals of the international payments system and exchange-rate regimes. Currently, he has also embarked on a second PhD in Economics Universität Erfurt (Germany). The German nation and its economic literature represent a significant source of inspiration to overcome the recent global crisis and also lead his research work. Recently, he has focused his attention on the Euro Area as conceived today as well as on contemporaneous decisions in terms of economic policies, like minimum wages (in the German case), payment methods and on how to conceive work in the 21st Century. He has also participated (as a speaker and a guest) in several scientific conferences and/or seminars organized by the following institutions (in alphabetical order):

  • Deutsche Bundesbank;

  • Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW);

  • Deutsch-Italienisches Zentrum für Europäische Exzellenz „Villa Vigoni“;

  • EMEA - The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS);

  • Freie Universität Berlin;

  • Istituto di studi economici e per l’occupazione (I.S.E.O.);

  • Technische Universität Dresden;

  • Università della Svizzera italiana (USI);

  • Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Universität Liechtenstein;

  • Universität Münster;

  • Universität Trier;

  • Universität Zürich;

  • Université de Bourgogne;

  • Université de Lausanne.

He is also bilingual (Italian-German) and has passed the German State Exam for Translators obtaining the title of "Staatlich geprüfter Übersetzer".