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Luca Trissino


Luca Trissino is a PhD candidate and Teaching assistant at the Institute of Italian Studies of the University of Lugano. He is currently a Visiting Doctoral Researcher at Trinity College Dublin, thanks to a grant offered by the Research and Transfer Service of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Doctoral Mobility).

He completed his studies at the Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies of the University of Padua, obtaining a master’s degree in Modern Philology; afterwards, he was a college-level teacher of Italian language and literature. He has also earned a second master’s degree in Art History at the University of Trento and Verona. 

His research interests include the poetic language of the twentieth century and its reflections in formal facts, modern Italian literature and its relations to European literatures, and the relationship between literature and visual studies.


The project investigates the ecphrastic rhetoric, the semantic and stylistic articulations, and the supplementary functions displayed by criticism of figurative art, as it has been articulated by two categories of stylistically antinomic poets. 

The project is based on the comparative study of the linguistic constants in these poets’ lyrical language and in their argumentative prose; the research will be based on a contextual outlook, comparing the hermetic koinè with Montale’s own diction, in order to identify both supra-personal and individual stylistic features.