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Guido Milanese


M.A. in Classics, University of Genoa (advisors: Francesco Della Corte and Edoardo Sanguineti).
After a one year research grant in France, and an appointment in the USA as Assistant Professor of Latin (Lawrence, KS), I was appointed lecturer of Latin at the University of Chieti in 1984, and the following year at the Catholic University, Milan, where I taught Latin Language and Literature. In 1998 I was appointed Associate Professor (Reader) of Latin at the University of Lecce, where I taught Teaching of Latin. In 2002 I moved again to the Catholic University, School of Modern Languages, where I am Professor of Latin; I teach Classical and European Civilisation (Comparative Literature) and Computing for the Humanities.
In 2013 I received an Honoris Causa Doctorate by the Institut Catholique, Paris. Among international cooperations, I would like to cite particularly the University of Rouen, France. I am a member of the board of the journal "History of Education".
My second life is definitely music. I am the leader of the vocal ensemble Ars Antiqua, specialising in Mediaeval and Early Renaissance music and  I am the organist at St. Charles's Parish Church in Genoa.  I am the editor of the journal "Studi Gregorian" and a member of the board of the Swiss musicology journal "Vox Antiqua".


Research projects:

  1. Philosophy in the cultural life of Hellenistic and Roman ages, with a focus on Epicurean tradition
  2. Latin from the Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages:
    1. lexicography (Nonius Marcellus)
    2. Liturgical manuscripts with music and their importance for the history of Latin
  3. History of Classical Tradition and of the Classics in Western education.