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Stefano Scagnolari


Dr. Stefano Scagnolari is researcher at the Institute of Economic Research (IRE) and Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics.

He is the person in charge for the Tourism Observatory (O-Tur). The main objective of O-Tur is to analyse the tourism industry in Ticino, by means of systematic observation of tourism demand and local supply.

Dr. Stefano Scagnolari teaches "Economics of Transport and Mobility" and "Research Methods for Tourism" as well as he coordinates the "Field Projects" in Tourism. All these activities are included in the Master's program in International Tourism (MT), an interfaculty Master Degree in Economics and Communication Sciences applied to tourism.

In 2005, he finished his studies at the University of Bologna, receiving a Master Degree in Statistical and Economic Sciences. Since 2006, he is working as research assistant at IRE. In 2011, he received a study grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation, which enabled him to specialize in his career at the Università of California, Berkeley. Dr. Stefano Scagnolari received his PhD in Economics from USI in 2013 with a thesis about mobility and behavior of young people in their free time.

As part of the collaboration between USI and the University of Pisa, he teaches "Transport and Mobility for Tourism" and "Statistics of Tourism" at the Campus of Lucca.


The current research interests focus on urban mobility and tourism economics, applying individual choice models and taking psychological aspect into account.