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Giovanna Pedroni


I am Giovanna Pedroni, born on 4th October 1999, and a resident of the old municipality of Indemini, now part of Gambarogno. I grew up and also currently live with my family in Gnosca, a small village of around 800 inhabitants that is part of the greater Bellinzona region. I have a 22-year-old sister studying philosophy in Paris, my wise and inexhaustible source of support. I studied health sciences and technology at ETH Zurich, where I obtained both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree with a specialisation in Public Health. I graduated in July 2023. At ETH, I was an assistant for four semesters, which allowed me to learn how to teach, be in close contact with academia and develop a strong critical sense. I then carried out a research internship at the Institute of Public Health of the University of Lugano in Switzerland and wrote my Master's thesis titled "The importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent mental health problems during crisis situations: Evidence from Corona Immunitas Ticino" in the same place supervised by Professor Camerini Anne- Linda. I am currently working as a scientific researcher at the University of Italian Switzerland (Institute of Public Health) on a number of projects in the field of public health. In my spare time I love to play sports, in particular I often go to the gym, do climbing, running, cycling and skiing in winter. I have a personal trainer's certificate, a fitness instructor's certificate and a G+S in skiing. I have a great passion for fitness, I love working out in the gym, as well as always having an active life. I love to follow a healthy lifestyle with respect for myself and our planet, in fact I have been following a vegan diet for 9 years now, for ethical and ecological reasons. Also, I love to write. I started writing at the age of five and no one has ever stopped me since. I am also a member and secretary of the Gnosca neighbourhood association, an association that acts as an intermediary between the municipality of Bellinzona and the neighbourhood of Gnosca and at the same time promotes dialogue between the population and the authority. When I finished my studies at the polytechnic in Zurich, I decided to return to my home canton of Ticino, a canton that has given me so much and to which I wish to give back with enthusiasm, rigour and energy, what I have learnt during my studies. I have therefore decided to embark on the political world - a journey I am very passionate about - to make this Ticino a better and more attractive place for a prosperous future, and this is also possible thanks to the teachings and example of those who have more experience. Politics is becoming a passion (it already was since I was a child).