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Lucia Urbani Ulivi


I studied themes and authors of different periods, from Abelard to Descartes to contemporary analytical philosophy, and focused on theoretical problems such as the problem of universals, the concept of reason, the reliability of introspection, and the conception of the human.

Persuaded that philosophy has the task of elaborating a meta-level vision in continuity with current scientific knowledge, I have opened interdisciplinary tables for exchange, confrontation and liaison with representatives from different scientific fields, and I have organised a wide range of seminars, conferences and publications.

Convinced that philosophy must also develop appropriate and specific concepts for different objects and domains, if necessary introducing new ones, I developed the systemic approach, which proved to be a ductile and effective tool for an adequate understanding of unitary phenomena such as the mind-brain relationship, personal identity, and environmental issues.

I continue to pursue systemic studies, keeping in close contact with system-oriented researchers and scientists active in numerous research fields, especially in the international context. 

I am the author and editor of numerous national and international publications.

Further information concerning my research and my curriculum are available in the attachments to this webpage.