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TEDYC - Toolkit for Educating to a Dynamic Citizenship



Greco S.


Jermini C.



TEDYC (Toolkit for Educating to a DYnamic Citizenship) is a project co-financed by Movetia’s International Program that started in September 2022 and it will continue until August 2025. It is a collaboration among SUPSI-DFA (Locarno), the Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics (IALS) at USI and Planpolitik, a society based in Berlin that specializes in the development of didactic games.

The project’s objective is to develop a didactic toolkit for the development of personal and social argumentative competences, in particular linked to the concept of dialogic argumentation – which prompts the capacity to decenter oneself and actively listen to different points of view. The aim is to create a product that can be used both online and in presence, and that can be adapted to different didactic contexts for young people in the age range 12 – 18 years. 

The toolkit will be tested in some middle schools and high schools in Ticino. The data gathered during these tests will be analyzed in order to revise the toolkit that will then be presented at an event scheduled in Locarno in the spring 2025 and during different training activities in Ticino during the school year 2025/26. 

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36 Months
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Other Swiss Programmes / Movetia - Exchange and mobility / International pilot programme