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Poesia contemporanea e società civile



Trissino L.


Crippa L.



The Summer School will focus on the relationship between contemporary poetry and civil society in light of their economics, cultural and social connections.

The investigation will focus on the evolution of this relationship from the Eighties to nowadays through the lens of historicism and thematic criticism, two recently re-evaluated critical approaches.

The Summer School will be a three-day physical event, where each day is dedicated to a distinct study panel: 1) Poetry and Civic Commitment, 2) Poetry and Territory, and 3) Poetry, Media, and Teaching.

The initiative - which is supported by the ISI (Institute of Italian Studies) of the University of Lugano and the University of Fribourg and which has already received funding from AIPI (International Association of Italian Professor) - will involve professors, PhD students and early career researchers from Swiss and international universities and it will encourage the sharing of a not-yet explored European sociopolitical and cultural heritage.

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Start date
End date
3 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / Scientific Exchanges / Scientific Event