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E-LEN: a network of e-learning centres



Cantoni L.



ELEN is a EU Funded Project (A NETWORK OF E-LEARNING CENTERS - SOCRATES PROGRAMME - ACTION MINERVA - 101421-CY-2002-1-CY-MINERVA-MMP). TEC-lab is project partner thanks to a grant provided by the Swiss UFES (Ufficio Federale dell’Educazione e della Scienza).

The main objective of the project is the definition of e-learning design patterns,roadmaps and usability evaluation of e-learning platforms. This will be done by creating a network of E-Learning Centers and leading organisations in the learning technologies. The E-LEN network will support a diverse constellation of learning centres around the world, have a strong capacity for developing and delivering pedagogically-informed technology for effective e-learning experiences and disseminate these experiences to other institutions. The expected output consists of the E-LEN portal itself, as well as a number of reports and guides on various organisational, pedagogical and technical issues related to e-learning and e-learning centers. The dissemination of these results is of high priority to this project.

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Start date
End date
24 Months
Research areas
S281 Computer-assisted education