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RED - INK - Rethinking Education in the Knowledge Society



Cantoni L.


Botturi L.


Rega I.



Education and training are at the core itself of every social/cultural/economic transformation, equipping new generations to face new challenges and opportunities, as those offered by ICT (OFCOM/ BAKOM/UFCOM 2006: n. 5). The important role of ICT in learning experiences needs to be further considered and studied, in close connection with the development and dynamics of the knowledge society. To address this research issue young researchers with a wide scientific background are required: hence the RED INK pro*doc proposal. The project consortium is composed of the University of Lugano (USI), the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of St. Gallen (UNISG). RED INK partners, people and research units, integrate different perspectives onto the same research field, at the same time having gathered an extensive experience in eLearning activities. Among the different research perspectives on eLearning, three seem to be very productive, since they pull together many researchers and research lines and are specifically studied by the members of the consortium: psycho-pedagogical, managerial, and communicative. These areas will be explored in the PhD theses of RED INK members (either being part of a dedicated research module or not). Among the activities promoted in the framework of the RED INK pro*doc, the main ones are: residential seminars, online seminars, online activities, and the building of a community of practice to enhance the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The program follows a modular structure and offers a rich blend of instructional settings and methods. Each partner is responsible for the organization of one residential seminar plus two online or blended seminars; introductory activities and the final colloquium at Monte Verità are collaboratively organized by all partners (with the coordination of the leading house). RED INK is organized and managed by a Management Committee, a Doctoral Collegium, a Scientific Board and an Executive Director. Research and teaching done in the framework of the doctoral school are of excellence, and represent the best practices in the eLearning area; excellence is promoted also through a careful selection of RED INK members. An international call will choose about 15 members. The best eight will be involved in the research projects and funded through them, the others will need to fund themselves, but will not be asked to pay any tuition fee for participating in the pro*doc activities.

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Start date
End date
36 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / ProDoc