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MIRACLE - Migrants and Refugees - A challenge for learning in European Schools



Ruspini P.



MIRACLE is a Comenius multilateral project. The main aim of the project is to enable pupils with migration background to realise a more successful school career. The consortium will develop 1) a teacher training course focused on cultivating political-intercultural competence among teachers in elementary schools and 2) teaching/learning material for elementary school pupils of varying levels. Their learning motivation will be increased by two strategies:-The development of teaching and learning material for pupils with migration background in which the portrayal of such students is not homogenized or limited to stereotypical images. -The sensitization of teachers to their own possible prejudices through participation in a teacher training course. The result being that through awareness of one´s own prejudices, the teachers will be able to persuasively incorporate the principles of political-intercultural education in the classroom, leading to a reduction in unconscious discrimination.In this project´s framework, UNISI will bring in the MIRACLE consortium expertise in international migration and intercultural competence with specific reference to the national and international comparative migration dimension and the European policies towards migrants and refugees.MIRACLE is sponsored by the European Union´s Lifelong Learning Programme. UNISI participation has been financed by the Swiss Secretariat for Research and Education (SER).

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Start date
End date
24 Months
Funding sources
SERI-Segreteria di Stato per l’Educazione e la Ricerca
European and International Programmes / Lifelong Learning Programme