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LL-MoM - Language Learning Medics on the Move



Schulz P. J.


Fiordelli M.



LL-MoM aims to provide mobile foreigner medical (pre-)professionals with the relevant content to adquately function in the workplace, both on a professional as well as a linguistic, social and interactive level. The target group will be presented with a contextualized language training programme which can be accessed at the required level, i.e. new content vs. remedial content,a t the user¿s own convenience, i.e. through mobile technology on a PDA/smart phone (mobile satellite)/BlackBerry device, and PC (online stable unit), from home or in the workplace. Relevant (authentic) and reliable e-learning content will be developed in a multi-layered trainig package with ear-trainig and performance of isolated and contextualised terms (pronunciation), a vocabulary reference guide with lemmas as well as carrier phrases, pragmatic prototypical interactions or scenarios with linguistic and communication tips, an interactive multilingual grammar, and tips for retention and internalisation as well as links for online further training. LL-MoM lowers the threshold to mobility by offering newcomers the tools to become well-integrated professionals. Moreover, it transfers the innovative practise of the already developed and tested MoM tool to a different audience in the same vocational sector. Last but not least, the ICT content is pedagogically supported in a lifelong learning context of blended learning.

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Start date
End date
17 Months
Funding sources
SERI-Segreteria di Stato per l’Educazione e la Ricerca
European and International Programmes / Lifelong Learning Programme