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EDICC - European Diploma in Intercultural Competence



Ruspini P.



The European Diploma in Intercultural Competence (EDICC) is a two year project launched in October 2009 that aims at developing an academic Curriculum for Continuing Education on Intercultural Competence. EDICC is sponsored by the European Union¿s Lifelong Learning Programme. UNISI participation has been financed by the Swiss Secretariat for Research and Education (SER).The output of the project will be a work-life oriented Diploma that enables adult learners to enhance their intercultural competence in order to meet the demands of the increasingly multicultural and multilingual European societies. The project¿s Consortium partners and their associated partners represent nine European countries and ten different Universities. Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education, University of Helsinki will act as a project coordinator. To ensure a high quality Curriculum and a cross-sectoral focus on Intercultural Competence, the Consortium partners will combine their expertise in Intercultural Studies in an interdisciplinary approach. The fields represented include for example intercultural competence, intercultural education, adult pedagogy, transformative pedagogy, studies on gender, migration and European integration as well as studies on linguistics, geography and area studies. The Consortium will also explore and share the best practices of adult education in Intercultural Competence.

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Start date
End date
24 Months
Funding sources
SERI-Segreteria di Stato per l’Educazione e la Ricerca
European and International Programmes / Lifelong Learning Programme