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MACS - Master in Advanced Computer Science



Cantoni L.



The continuous education program MACS (Master in Advanced Computer Science) of SUPSI is a postgraduate education program built on modules. Objective of this proposal is to test if an IT-based realization of one or more modules can improve their quality, extending the collaboration between students and the contacts between teachers and students beyond the limits typical of this kind of course. Special attention will be given to specialized modules that must be offered to a broader circle of person than our local customers (possibly in different languages) and their integration in the Swiss system of continuous education modules.

Relevant questions to be researched during the project:

  • choice of the most appropriate modules
  • realization of didactical materials for online distribution
  • environment for exercises, discussions and collaborative learning
  • experiment with new didactical approaches
  • assessment of the quality of learning compared with traditional forms
  • evaluation of financial aspects
Before and after the experiment with the IT-based modules, the project includes a preparation and an evaluation phase.

Additional information

Start date
End date
36 Months
Funding sources
swissuniversities / Swiss Virtual Campus