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Hear and See



Hungerbühler Savary R.


Ganz-Blättler U.


Balbi G.


Botturi L.


Calvo S.



Hear and See will develop a blended learning course for the analysis of audiovisual media content (both radio and television) in its evolving historical and institutional context. The course modules will be integrated into existing or new courses in media and communication sciences, on subjects like history and sociology of mass communication, history of radio and television; its target audience can be then estimated in at least 1000 university students. The course will provide for close integration of audiovisual documents in the learning process, as well as for tools for de- and reconstruction of these documents; it will promote renewal of education in the concerned disciplines from a largely theoretical and passive approach based on face-to-face lectures to an approach where students learn by working directly on (contextualized) original materials.
The project is developed by four institutes specialised on media and communication sciences at the universities of Lugano, Fribourg, Berne and Neuchâtel, with the support of the USI-SUPSI support centre eLab for all technical aspects and of the Hochschule für Technik und Gestaltung in Luzern for layout and design. The project is supported by the radio and television archives of SSR SRG idée suisse, which will provide audiovisual materials.

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Start date
End date
42 Months
Funding sources
swissuniversities / Swiss Virtual Campus