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Risk perception concerning different hazards: A stated choice model applied to travel decisions

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Report in scientific conference
INTRODUCTION. Tourism-related literature contains various works regarding the issue of travelers’ risk perception deriving from life-threatening hazards, considering the topic from different point of views (e.g. Lepp & Gibson, 2003; Kozak, Crotts & Law, 2007; Jonas, Mansfeld, Paz & Potsman, 2011; Seabra, Dolnicar, Abrantes & Kastenholz, 2013; Schroeder, Pennington-Gray, Kaplanidou & Zhan, 2013). Despite the growing number of papers analyzing this matter, related studies in general do not treat the preferences and behavior of individuals when they choose to spend holidays facing the possibility to expose themselves to potentially dangerous situations. In this work, we examine how the different perception of specific, potential life-threatening events influences the decision to go for holiday or not to travel. In particular, we are interested in capturing how individuals process the eventuality of four life-threatening events (terrorist act, natural catastrophe, political uprising and epidemic) in a leisure travel context and we aim at discovering eventual differences in the individuals’ perception for each event and the respective influence on choice. In tourism literature, one can find works considering different and specific risk factors and travelers’ concern regarding these (Jonas et al, 2011; Pizam et al, 2004; Reisinger & Mavondo, 2005). With our research, we analyze the role that psychological traits have on choice decisions. In addition, we are also interested in determining how individual differences explain hazard-specific perception. Our research proposes an empirical approach, adopting an established methodology that is relatively new in the specific topic we considering.
Meeting name
21st Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) Conference
Meeting place
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Meeting date
14-17 May 2015