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Studies on Language Norms in Context

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Pandolfi E. M., Miecznikowski-Fuenfschilling J., Christopher S., Kamber A.
The book deepens the insight into the setting and monitoring of language norms in different contexts. One focus lies on institutional contexts, in which the authors examine standardization, language policy and the implementation of usage norms. In the context of language learning, the authors investigate cognitive strategies of L2 norm construction by initial learners, L2 norms in grammars as well as interactional norms regulating teacher behavior. Finally, the volume theoretically explores the nature of discourse norms and examines their management and metadiscursive formulation in a variety of communicative activities and genres. Table of Contents Editors’ Preface (7-11) Ulrich Ammon: Introductory remarks (13-14) Language policy and norm Setting: Ulrich Ammon On the social forces that determine what is standard in a language – with a look at the norms of non-standard language varieties (17-35) Kirsten Adamzik & Alessandra Alghisi Instanzen der Sprachnormierung. Standardvarietäten und Verwaltungssprache im Vergleich (37-72) Sabine Christopher & Seraphina Zurbriggen Implementation of multilingual status and acquisition planning in the Swiss Federal Administration (73-99) Second language acquisition and teaching: Giuliano Bernini The first encounter with a norm: Perception and analysis of L2 initial Input (103-133) Valeria Buttini L2 Italian grammars between norm and Variation (135-150) Catherine Muller Stimulated recall interview, an indicator of interactional norms internalized by language teachers (151-170) Discourse norms: Anita Fetzer Appropriateness, communicative activity and context (173-196) Wolfgang Kesselheim Zur Analyse von Normbezügen in Texten (197-232) Filippo Pecorari Anaphoric encapsulation and reported speech. Lines of interaction between referential coherence and enunciative coherence in the Italian press (233-262) Annick Paternoster & Francesca Saltamacchia (Im)politeness rules and (im)politeness formulae: metadiscourse and conventionalisation in 19th Century Italian conduct books (263-301) Johanna Miecznikowski & Elena Musi Genre norms and variation in online reviews: the Dimension of information source (303-336) Nadine Rentel Konsens und Dissens in der Online-Kommunikation. Eine exemplarische Analyse des Deutschen und des Französischen (337-365)
Peter Lang
Duisburg Papers on Research in Language and Culture
Frankfurt am Main