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Personalization and customization in fashion: searching for a definition

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Purpose The purpose of the study is to reach an in-depth understanding of personalization and its components by developing a comprehensive definition of the concept in fashion. Moreover, it aims to clarify the open debate of the use of the terms personalization and customization. Design/methodology/approach The Delphi method was utilized for this study in order to collect the opinions of experts. This method is considered appropriate for reaching consensus among experts regarding a topic that is subject to debate. Findings The study provides a definition of personalization in fashion which is relevant in the current digital context, and it identifies the building components of the concept. By developing a definition of personalization, it also clarifies the meaning of customization in fashion and suggests a possible explanation for the use of the different terminologies among experts. Originality/value This study contributes to the personalization and customization debate by providing an expert perspective on the topics specific to the fashion industry and by offering insights into open debates that have limited its advancement. The definition represents an interesting theoretical contribution and offers avenues for further research. Moreover, it can be applied by fashion practitioners to guide the development of personalization strategies.
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
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