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Comparative Public Administration


Villeneuve J. P.

Docente titolare del corso


Institutional frameworks, both administrative and political, have a strong influence on the way institutions define, implement and communicate on elements of public policy and management. These frameworks vary from one institution to the other, and from one national setting to the other. It is to this more international approach that this class will focus on.
This course addresses the shape and impact of seven representative institutional frameworks on public communication. This shall be done from a comparative approach notably vis-à-vis the Swiss administrative system. The countries/institutions have been selected due to their representativity as well as their overall role as partners of Swiss administrative and political institutions (Italy, Germany, France, USA, Canada, India, China). The specificity of this class will be the participation, for the presentation and discussion of each national models, of either an academic, a politician or a civil servant from the given analysed institutional framework. The objective is to enable student to decipher/analyse both the construction and the communication of public policies by non-Swiss institutions.

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