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Fashion Communication


Sadaba T.

Docente titolare del corso


This course is taught by Prof. Teresa Sádaba, the Dean of the ISEM Fashion Business School (Madrid, Spain).

Fashion Communication includes communicating the brands, designers, single products, or collections, while reaching potential customers through various media channels. If the fashion product incorporates the tangible dimension of the goods, it is through communication that fashion brands can create emotional associations, consumer benefits, and a lifestyle. The tools and media channels used by fashion brands (TV, magazines, posters, editorial books, lookbooks, fashion shows, etc.) will be discussed within the course. Business to Business and Business to Consumer communication strategies will be presented using extensive case studies.  

In recent years both official online communication and User Generated Contents have started to play a major role in the fashion communication domain with the dynamics of single users/laypeople co-creating the image (and reputation) of brands, and shaping the very concept of what is fashionable (and what is not), Social Media Systems are also used by famous bloggers, celebrities, and social media influencers, who are helping companies to communicate in new ways. These aspects will be also discussed within the course.

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