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Media Economics and Policy


This module examines key economic and policy issues across different media industries. The course covers many issues including international trade, business strategies, pricing policies, competition and owner concentration as they affect media firms and industries. Students will also be introduced basic economics features of various media industries, for example, the economics of newspapers, television, radio and online media. The course is an introductory one and assumes students have no background in economics. This course will introduce students to a number of broad and fundamental concepts relevant to the study of economics. Key concepts and issues related to the company, the consumer and the market will be examined. The second half of the course will take an in-depth exploration and analysis of the attention economy.



Bevilacqua E.

Docente titolare del corso

Hibberd M.

Docente titolare del corso

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Inglese, Italiano
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Master of Science in Communication in Media Management, Corso di base, Corsi obbligatori, 1° anno
Master of Science in Digital Fashion Communication, Corso di base, Corsi obbligatori, 1° anno