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International Strategic Management


Strategic management is a key concept for all companies and organisations. This course analyses concepts of management thinking and organisational behaviour using case studies. The module as a whole presents some of the key thinkers in the field of organisations and management. Structures of organisations and style of management clearly have implications for communication and media experts and we will also examine organisational communication. Although new ideas emerged throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries we can still see evidence of the influence of some of the earliest ideas in practice today. The history of ideas is thus profoundly important in terms of everyday perceptions. In addition to presenting an historical review of ideas related to strategic management, the module also includes analytical frameworks to help students see the complexity of organisations and different ways companies have tackled key strategic decisions. The course is taught from an international perspective and we will look at key major media companies including Apple, Google as well as emerging players like Huawei and Tencent.


The core textbooks for this module are: 

Lynch, R. (2015) Strategic Management, 7th Edition. London. Pearson.

Morgan, G. (2017) Images of Organization, 30th Anniversary Edition. London, Sage.

Thussu, D. (2018) International Communication – Continuity and Change, Bloomsbury Academic.



Dillena G.

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Hibberd M.

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Zhang Z.


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Master of Science in Communication in Media Management, Corso di base, Corsi obbligatori, 1° anno