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Critical care


The module encompasses three different aspects of what has been called “Critical Care”, i.e Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine. The aim of our Module is that you understand and train the most common vital emergencies, that you are able to deal with the limits of life and death, but most importantly that you begin to manage complexity and a transversal analysis not organ linked. This will be possible through a pathophysiological approach. You will also have to train the ability to synthesize complex medical situations and to prioritize diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. We will put also an important emphasis on inter-professional and inter-specialty collaboration. Practically you will have 4 times 1 week in the hospital devoted to the 3 specialties (Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care) and 1 week dedicated to what we call “Multi&Multi”. In this very special week, you will be able to follow through the different departments, starting from the Emergency Department, through Radiology, Anesthesiology, the Operating Room, the ward or the Intensive Care complex patients. Apart from the pathologies, the focus will be set on the handovers and the communication between the different professionals and the different specialties. The clinical days will be rotating within either Sopra-, or Sotto-Ceneri. The organization of such a Module is quite complicated and requires that you check exactly when and where to meet your tutors, because time and place change according to the specialty and the hospital.

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