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Essentials in Public Administration


Villeneuve J. P.

Docente titolare del corso


While broadening student’s horizons, this course also aims at ‘forcing’ students to actively engage with the texts, to debate their ramifications and implications and to confront other points of view. A PhD program would not be complete without the reading, discussing and debating of the main issues and subject in one’s field of study.


This course has two specific objectives:

  1. Give PhD students a direct link to the key readings in public administration.
  2. Give PhD students the opportunity to discuss and debate the main aspects of their discipline

Modalità di insegnamento

In presenza

Impostazione pedagogico-didattica

This course is focused on the reading, analyzing, presenting and discussing of some of the most central contributions in the field of Public Administration. One person will be responsible to present the article and the other will serve as discussants, making critical comments on the text. 


Modalità d’esame

Assignment for presenters:

  • Preparation of a one-page-summary of the specific article and an introductory 5 min. presentation of the content of the article.
  • The summary of the article’s content can be supplemented by information regarding author(s) and time period.
  • Make sure to have a .pdf to circulate.

Assignment for discussant:

  • 5 min. discussion of the article’s content, strengths and weaknesses etc.
  • Underline the issue that are raised for public administrations and for the study of public administration.
  • Preparation of two or three important questions for the whole group.

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