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Essential knowledge of up-to-date medical imaging will be introduced during this course, which is held on Monday morning in a setting of 14 frontal lectures, that are distributed over 4 semesters. The lessons are aimed to provide a “file rouge” for the field of imaging and are grouped in general lessons (3h), as well as more specific topics (11h) linked thematically to the single modules, in which they are embedded.

In the first semester, the focus is on general imaging topics such as risk in radiology and how to find the most appropriate diagnostic exam for a given clinical problem. A lecture on chest imaging embedded in the module of homeostasis.

The second semester will provide an introduction in women’s and pediatric imaging. Additionally, an overview on nuclear medicine, including the most common indications and imaging techniques used for staging and follow-up in oncologic and endocrinological diseases.

The third semester will be dedicated to important topic of emergency radiology, where imaging plays a crucial role for appropriate and rapid management of acutely ill patients. Other transversal lectures will cover relevant information on skeletal and abdominal radiology. We will also provide an overview of the rapidly increasing role of minimally invasive interventional procedures in many different clinical settings, such as oncologic patients.

In the fourth semester, the students will be introduced in the field of neuro-imaging, which has become crucial for the assessment of many neurological pathologies, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and neoplasia’s, by using morphologic and functional imaging. We will also introduce the role of interventional neuroradiology in the setting of stroke.

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