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Immune disorders


This module encompasses contents of three different medical specialties: Rheumatology, Allergology-Immunology and Dermatology, consequently, the acronym RAID has been applied. In these specialties, patients with miscellaneous disorders are treated. However, there is often an overlap of symptoms e.g. diseases affecting skin and joints, or in systemic disorders in which several organs are affected, emphasizing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach.

Every week is focused on a main topic: 1) Skin and mucosa, 2) Bones, joints and back, 3) Hypersensitivities and 4) Systemic immune disorders.

In multidisciplinary lessons, you will become familiar with general themes addressing aspects on diagnostic procedures and therapeutic modalities. For the clinical days, we have established a rotating system, that all students get an insight into the specialties. On one day you will be in General Internal Medicine in groups of two. On the other day, in small groups, you will follow a day each in Dermatology and Allergology, and a day each in Rheumatology / Immunology and in a diagnostic Immunology lab.

During the campus days, there are frontal lectures, complemented by two practical courses on skin and joints, as well as structured case seminars. In the latter, preparation in advance by the students is crucial. A particular case will be presented beforehand on iCorsi3, which will then be discussed in three groups guided by tutors. At the end, the groups will present their case solution to each other. At the end of each week a “Weekly Review” includes a wrap-up of the week’s topics, asking and answering questions or deepen particular issues of the elapsed week. We wish you an interesting and challenging experience!

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