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Rudi Palmieri



Rudi Palmieri (Herisau, 1981) is lecturer (assistant professor) in Strategic Communication at the University of Liverpool. At the USI, he teaches Argumentation in Finance within the Master in Financial Communication and collaborates with the Institute IALS and the Laboratory LACoPS in research devoted to argumentation in context.

Rudi Palmieri holds a PhD in Communication Sciences obtained at USI in December 2010. The topic of his research was corporate argumentation in takeover proposals, on which he has published several papers (Palmieri 2008a&b, 2012a) and a monograph (Palmieri 2014).

The main subjects of his research are (a) financial and business communication, which he approaches by privileging a discourse-analytic perspective, (b) argumentation theory, with a particular interest for the reconstruction of the inferential configuration of arguments (or argument scheme); (c) the analysis and evaluation of argumentation structures and argument schemes in institutional contexts, such as finance, public institutions and media.

He was visiting fellow researcher (Aug. 2009 –Jan. 2010) at the Department of Speech Communication, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric (University of Amsterdam), with a SNSF-funded grant (Fellowships for prospective researchers).  

From 2011 to 2013, he collaborated as post-doc researcher in the SNSF-funded project BankAr-Cod, devoted to the argumentative practices activated by banks in situations of conflicts emerging around cases of suspicions of money laundering and terrorism financing (see Rigotti & Palmieri 2014)

Currently, he is developing research projects on two axes: (1) the relationship between argumentation and trust dynamics and the role of strategic argumentation for restoring organization trust in crisis contexts (see Palmieri 2009; 2012b); (2) the integration of argumentation theories in public relations research and in the emergent narrative perspective within accounting communication research. 

In February 2104, he organized the first international conference on “Discourse Approaches to Financial Communication” (www.mfc.usi.ch) which brought together scholars in Finance, Accounting, Linguistics, Argumentation and Rhetoric, interested in the study of financial communication from a text and discourse perspective.

At the teaching level, he has been assisting to or leading numerous modules of argumentation theory and of applied argumentation at both master and doctoral levels. 

From 2009 to 2012 he coordinated the SNSF-funded doctoral program Argumentation Practices in Context (Argupolis). From  2012 to 2015, he coordinated the Master in Financial Communication, directed by prof. Andrea Rocci (www.mfc.usi.ch).

He is part of the Editorial Board of the "Journal of Argumentation in Context" and of the Scientific Committee of "Cogency. Journal of Reasoning and Argumentation". He is member of the “Association for Business Communication" (ABC), of the “International Learned Institute for Argumentation Studies" (ILIAS), and of the “International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA).


  • Argumentation in institutional contexts: analysis and evaluation.
  • Strategic communication, Business communication,  
  • Theory of reasoning and argumentation.
  • Argumentation and rhetoric in corporate reporting, voluntary disclosure activities (conference calls, profit warnings,etc.) and financial journalism.
  • M&A/Takeover communication.
  • Crisis communication for trust restoration and image repair .