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Lin Yue



Lin Yue is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG). Her supervisor is Prof. Gabriele Balbi. 

In 2022, she got the second master's degree in the university of Zurich, writing qualitative research on cross-cultural management between Chinese and European social media App Little Red Book and Instagram. In 2021, she obtained a MSc master's degree in international management and marketing, writing a thesis on marketing and was awarded for distinction dissertation entitled: “The Impact of Eco-Labelling on the Chinese Gen-Z consumers: The Mediation Role of eco-label knowledge in Green Purchase Behavior”. 

In both her bachelor's and master's degrees, she received high GPAs. After an internship for Chinese journal media XinHua News agency, she returned to academics in September 2022 to pursue a doctorate in communication. 

Her research, funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC), studies comparative revolution analysis of Chinese and European digital mobile payment, emphasizing on the culture of media and technology companies exclusively available to her research team. Adopting a historical perspective, the work focuses on the global transition to a digital payment era with a ten year timeline outlook and the development process of mobile technologies. 

Her research interests include cross- cultural management, financial communication, competitive analysis, media history, and digital mobile payment.