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Sonja Schönberg



Sonja Schönberg is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) at USI. She is committed to the guidance and coordination of students in MA Critical Consumer Behavior supervised by Prof. Michael Gibbert.

Sonja has an academic background in Nutrition and Dietetics and in Food, Nutrition and Health. At the Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Health Professions, she teaches and researches on sustainable diets, the role of dieticians in sustainable food systems and on Planetary Health.

In her dissertation project, she is working with an ethnographic, transdisciplinary and participatory research approach on sustainable meat consumption practices in Switzerland. She therefore focuses on the concept of everyday life in farms, butchers and people who eat meat. Her research is guided by the Theory of Social Practices in the sense of a sustainability transition theory to explain meat consumption 'from outside on the pasture, from the slaughter table and from the stovetop in private kitchens'.