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Istituto di Marketing e Comunicazione Aziendale (IMCA)


The Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) assembles research and teaching activities on communication topics in business, on a level of the market, business networks (communities) or single business organizations. Its ambition is to contribute to an understanding of communication processes in business that goes beyond a functionalist or information-theoretical perspective and inquires, instead, how communication processes contribute to the organizing of business in markets and organizations.

Two main areas of research and teaching converge in the Institute: Marketing and Communication Management. In the Marketing area, Prof. Gibbert conducts research on strategic marketing and innovation, Prof. Hofstetter specializes on digital marketing, pricing and marketing methods and Prof. Snehota is engaged in research on the interaction in business networks. In the Communication Management area, Prof. Lurati guides research on corporate communication, reputation and identity, Professor Mengis is engaged in work on organizational communication and knowledge work, and Prof. Seele leads research on corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

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