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Chiara Pollaroli



Chiara Pollaroli is Researcher and Lecturer at the Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics at USI. She is Coordinator for the Master ESIR.

She completed a PhD in Communication Sciences at Università della Svizzera italiana in 2016 with a research on the argumentative relevance of multimodal metaphor and metonymy in advertising.

She was granted a Doc.Mobility fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation (January-September 2014) to conduct research related to the topic of her PhD at the Department of Speech Communication, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric and the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

From 2015 to 2022 she worked as Coordinator for the English, French and German courses and the IELTS and Goethe exams organized within the Modern Languages Lab.


My research interests are: multimodality (e.g.,printed documents and audiovisuals), visual/multimodal rhetoric, multimodal argumentation, semiotics, and advertising.