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Carmine Garzia



Carmine Garzia is Fellow of the AMC - Advanced Management Centre where he carries out applied research for primary companies and institutions. He teaches Business Strategy and Merger and Acquisition Management at USI - Università della Svizzera Italiana.

His main research interests include: Strategic Management, Industry Structure and Competition, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

He is Associate Professor of Management at University of Pollenzo Bra where he is coordinating research and teaching activities in the field of Management applied to the food industry.

He teaches Entrepreneurial Strategy at Bocconi University. 

He was Assistant Professor of Management at University of Valle D'Aosta, Post Doctoral Fellow at USI - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Research Fellow at The Department of Management of Bocconi University and Visiting Scholar at the Department of Information Science of the University of Bergen. He received a degree in Business Administration and a PhD in Business Administration and Management from Bocconi University.


His research interests include: strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship. In UNISG his research activity is mainly focused on the analysis of competitive dynamics in the food business and on process of business model renewal in food companies.