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COVIDisc - Public COVID 19 pandemic discourses - a focus on vector populations



Suggs L. S.


Speranza C.


Persone esterne

Dratva Julia

(Co-responsabile esterno)

Dreesen Philipp

(Co-responsabile esterno)


The containment of the COVID19 pandemic relies heavily on the communication between public health organizations, intermediaries, specific addressees and the general public. Therefore, mediatised public discourses and discursive practices of specific audiences play a crucial role in the policy implementation under the conditions of a “besondere Lage” (Swiss Epidemic Act of 2012, in force since 2016, EpG Art. 6). The study, through both the analysis of media and organizational discourses and qualitative interviews on discursive practices, focuses on the age group of 15-34 year-olds in German and Italian speaking Switzerland, who represent a critical vector population with respect to the corona pandemic inclusion of both Italian and German-speaking discourses can provide a deeper understanding of temporality and dynamics of the discourses and the impact of local and regional dynamics of the pandemic on the public discourses and discursive practices in other language regions of Switzerland.

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16 Mesi
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Beneficiario principale: Zürcher Hochschule f. Angew. Wissenschaften - ZHAW
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Swiss National Science Foundation / Special Call on Coronaviruses