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Governance of digital hate speech from the users’ perspective



Lobinger K.


Venema R.


Lucchesi F.


Tarnutzer S.



Dealing with digital hate speech is a fundamental social and political challenge and task. But which actors are or should be responsible for the governance of digital hate speech or have opportunities to intervene? So far, research has particularly discussed models of regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation. In turn, studies on users’ options for interventions and their perspectives is scant. The present project examines affordances, i.e., functions and features, as well as information for users about options for intervening against hate speech on social media platforms and in comment sections of news sites (work package I, analysis of affordances). In addition, the project examines how users perceive such features as well as potentials and problems in the governance of hate speech (work package II, focus groups interviews). The project thus identifies important starting points for interventions by policymakers and platforms and for communication campaigns and media literacy and education interventions in order to fight digital hate speech and to strengthen the agency of users. The results of the project can thus significantly complement approaches of regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation for the governance of digital hate speech.

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