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CHORD-talk-in-interaction - Data-sharing skills in corpus-based research on talk-in-interaction



Greco S.


Rocci A.


Profazi N. R.



Audio-video recorded and transcribed corpora of spoken language in interaction are collected by a diversity of disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. They are particularly complex and offer several challenges to ORD practices. The project aims at identifying the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to prepare and treat audio-video corpora of spoken language in interaction as ORD in a meaningful way. The applicants describe, analyse and assess existing ORD practices related to audio-video interactional data, on the basis of experiences and expertise in the fields of interactional linguistics, conversation analysis and dialogue-oriented argumentation studies. They explore possibilities of improvement, with a particular focus on researchers’ data-sharing skills related to corpora of spoken language in interaction and on the Swiss situation. The applicants engage in a theoretical reflection on the challenges that these data raise in terms of ORD and on what this example reveals more generally about ORD practices as socio-technological practices in the scientific domain. They engage with the concerned disciplines and communities and evaluate procedures to disseminate relevant knowledge in these communities.

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18 Mesi
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Swiss Confederation
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Uni Lausanne, Uni Basel, Uni Neuchâtel
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