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STUDIUM SUSTAINALE - Lo sviluppo, il test e l’analisi di un concetto di insegnamento che combina lo Studium-Generale traditionale con lo sviluppo sostenibile



Seele P.



The project entitled STUDIUM SUSTAINALE consists of an low-entry-threshold teaching format at the master-level merging the concept of sustainable development (SD) with the concept of extracurricular context studies in the tradition of studium generale. Generic skills, transformative learning and integrative approaches are integrated by a.) simulation games and b.) scenario method. Four conceptual building blocks of STUDIUM SUSTAINALE bring together members from the various faculties of Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) with external experts on transdisciplinary skills, methods, foundations of SD and application on the university level). STUDIUM SUSTAINALE follows six goals, three on the university level and three on the academic level. On the USI level STUDIUM SUSTAINALE aims to 1. introduce SD to the Università della Svizzera italiana, 2. promote transformative learning and integrative skills by scenario method and simulation games, and 3. create awareness for integrating SD in other teacher's curricula and research agendas and thus contribute to university-wide institutional learning and identity building. On the academic level, STUDIUM SUSTAINALE aims to 1. develop a new, extracurricular teaching format for SD called STUDIUM SUSTAINALE to promote strategic visibility of this td-net/USI initiative, 2. bridge theoretical SD with practical research and teaching situations by scenario application, and 3. train transformative and integrative competencies in interdisciplinary and interfaculty teaching with regard to SD.

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