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An Instruction-Level Methodology for Power Estimation and Optimization of Embedded VLIW cores

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Bona A., Sami M. G., Sciuto D., Silvano C., Zaccaria V., Zafalon R.
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The overall goal of this work is to define an instruction-level power macro-modeling and characterization methodology for VLIW embedded processor cores. The approach presented in this paper is a major extension of the work previously proposed in [1-3], targeting an instruction-level energy model to evaluate the energy consumption associated with a program execution on a pipelined VLIW core. Our first goal is the reduction of the complexity of the processor''s energy model, without reducing the accuracy of the results. The second goal is to show how the energy model can be further simplified by introducing a methodology to automatically cluster the whole Instruction Set with respect to their average energy cost, in order to con verge to an highly effective design of experiments for the actual characterization task. The paper describes also the application of the proposed model to a real industrial VLIW core (the Lx Architecture developed by HP Labs and STMicroelectronics), to validate the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed methodology.
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DATE 2002
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