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Rapid Creation of Application Models from Bandwidth Aware Core Graphs

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Otero J., Regazzoni F., Lajolo M.
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We present a methodology that allows rapid creation of application models from bandwidth aware core graphs that are available in the literature for a wide range of applications and we discuss their applicability to the rapid exploration of multiple Networks on Chip (NoCs) layout organizations. In a bandwidth aware core graph, each node represents a core and the numbers on the edges represent the bandwidth requirements between cores. We describe core graphs in a UML object model diagram and we then have an automatic code generation tool which produces a SystemC description whose behaviour results in a packet generation on every output connection that respects the bandwidth requirements specified in the core graph. We can then rapidly derive a NoC mapping in which a specific floorplan of the cores can be evaluated and compared with alternate floorplan options for rapid design space exploration.
Atti di conferenza
Proceedings of: IP Based SoC Design 2007
Luogo conferenza
Grenoble, France
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network-on-chip (NoC), rapid prototyping