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Design Space Exploration of a Reconfigurable System for Supporting Video Streaming Run-time Management

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Mariani G., Avasare P., Ykman-Couvreur C., Vanmeerbeeck G., Palermo G., Silvano C., Zaccaria V.
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This paper reports a case study of Design Space Exploration for supporting Run-time Resource Management (RRM). In particular the management of system resources for an MPSoC dedicated to multiple MPEG4 encoding is addressed in the context of an Automotive Cognitive Safety System (ACSS). The runtime management problem is defined as the minimization of the platform power consumption under resource and Quality of Service (QoS) constraints. The paper provides an insight of both, design-time and run-time aspects of the problem. During the prelimiary design-time Design Space Exploration (DSE) phase, the best configurations of run-time tunable parameters are statically identified for providing the best trade-offs in terms of run-time costs and application QoS. To speed up the optimization process without reducing the quality of final results, a multi-simulator framework is used for modeling platform performance. At run-time, the RRM exploits the design-time DSE results for deciding an operating configuration to be loaded for each MPEG4 encoder. This operation is carried out dynamically, by following the QoS requirements of the specific use-case.
Multi-objective design space exploration of multiprocessor SoC architectures: the MULTICUBE approach
New York, USA