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Model-driven approach to design ICT infrastructure for precision farming

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Kaitovic I., Ribeiro Rezende R., Murillo Miranda C. M., Fantuzzi C.
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Design of complex systems involving a number of experts from various fields necessarily includes modeling at different levels of abstraction. Modeling is particularly important in the initial phase of a joint project when all system requirements and constraints have to be clearly defined and understood by all the partners. Once an unambiguous structural model has been achieved and components interfaces fixed, design of components can be done independently. For the initial phase, a very simplified modeling methodology based on UML that can be easily understood and applied has been proposed. The application of the methodology has been presented through the design of full structural model of the infrastructure for precision farming. Modeled infrastructure is an open ICT hardware-software solution based on ISOBUS specification, that enables partial automation of tractors increasing safety and production efficiency. Model achieved through several steps presents a mutual understanding platform between the partners. Most importantly, a precise model has been achieved without the necessity of in deep study of UML by all the partners.
Atti di conferenza
17th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA)
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
Luogo conferenza
Kraków, Poland
Parole chiave
agriculture, ICT infrastructure Design, ISOBUS, model-driven approach, precision farming, Safety, Unified Modeling Language