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Scheduling energy consumption with local renewable micro-generation and dynamic electricity prices

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Derin O., Ferrante A.
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The electricity market is going through a deep modification as it is moving toward the integration of smart grids. Future homes will include smarter electric devices that will be easily managed from the power consumption stand point. The capability of performing short-term negotiation of energy purchases, if introduced and if efficiently exploited, will give the user the ability to reduce energy costs. In this paper we discuss a scheduling problem for household tasks that will help users save money spent on their energy consumption. Our system model relies on electricity price signals, availability of locally-generated power and flexible tasks with deadlines. A case study shows that cost savings are possible but fast and efficient solutions to the scheduling problem are needed for their real world use.
Atti di conferenza
CPSWEEK/GREEMBED 2010: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Green and Smart Embedded System Technology: Infrastructures, Methods and Tools
Luogo conferenza
Stockholm, Sweden
Parole chiave
scheduling, smart grid, smart home