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Run-time Selection of Security Algorithms For Networked Devices

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Taddeo A., Ferrante A.
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One of the most important challenges that need to be currently faced in securing resource-constrained embedded systems is optimizing the trade-off between resources used (energy consumption and computational capabilities required) and security requirements for cryptographic algorithms: any adopted security solutions should guarantee an adequate level of protection, yet respecting constraints on computational resources and consumed power. These constraints are given by the kind of system considered and by the foreseen applications. In this paper, a generic, efficient, and energy-aware mechanism is proposed to face the problem of determining a correct trade off between security requirements and resources consumed. The solution proposed relies on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to define priorities among different requirements and to compare different security solutions. A knapsack problem is formulated to select the most relevant algorithms based on their utility and on available resources.
Atti di conferenza
5th ACM International Symposium on QoS and Security for Wireless and Mobile Networks
Luogo conferenza
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Parole chiave
adaptive systems, algorithm selection, protocol, quality of service (QoS), security