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Remote Cooperation on Project-centred Learning: a Working Implemented Solution in Academia

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Salvioni C., Taddeo A.
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The paper aims at illustrating the original technical solution provided within an academic institute in order to manage teaching activities, encompassing the coordination of project-centred learning processes that run in parallel with the formal theoretical courses. Unlike the planning of the academic teaching that can be scheduled year by year, the development of a project cannot be defined over a long period, but it requires frequent report reviews and updating by the different actors involved in the project. From this consideration, and due to the peculiar context of the ALaRI institute, it was clear the necessity to manage asynchronous and synchronous communications occurring during the ongoing project, facilitating the team members'' remote interactions and cooperation. The provided solution within the EU COOPER project is the answer to more and more common scenarios of use, reflecting not only university requirements, but also industrial needs based on the cooperative teamwork among persons geographically dispersed and with heterogeneous competences.
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COOPER Workshop in conjunction with EC-TEL07 Conference
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case study, project-centred learning, remote cooperation