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Self-adaptive Security at Application Level: a Proposal

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Ferrante A., Taddeo A., Sami M. G., Mantovani F., Fridkins J.
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Self-adaptive systems have the ability to adapt themselves to mutating external or internal conditions without requesting any intervention of the user; the security of such systems is influenced by those adaptations. Therefore, also the security mechanisms that are put in place by the operating system, should adapt to maintain the desired security level. This paper proposes a self-adaptive framework for the system security. This adaptation scheme allows the system to choose the best set of security policies at every given time; this set is determined by considering the system internal and external conditions as well as the application requirements. The proposed framework deals with self-adaptation at system level in order to provide both a domain independent and a flexible solution.
Atti di conferenza
ReCoSoC 2007, Jun. 2007, in proceedings of ReCoSoC 2007
Parole chiave
autonomous systems, security, security policies, self-adaptive security, self-adaptive systems, system level design