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From a young academic institute a broad minded approach: the working and learning environment of the ALaRI Intranet tool (case study)

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Salvioni C.
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The aim of this paper is to present an innovative approach to the working organization and learning environment, experimented at ALaRI (Advanced Learning and Research Institute), the academic institute at the Università della Svizzera italiana, in Switzerland, that, since 1999, promotes research and education in embedded systems design . Through the introduction and the use of an ad-hoc intranet tool, new social and technological dynamics have been developing at the institute, integrating learning in presence with remote cooperation in a complex and distributed reality. Presenting the practical experiences occurred within the ALaRI environment, through an analysis of the context needs and of the tool usability, the reader will discover the conditions and the reasons that have led to designing and implementing this intranet platform, but also troubles and limitations of the intranet will be explored from a usability and communication point of view. From these experiences a plentiful research material arises to investigate new workflows and new ideas for virtual workplace.
Atti di conferenza
MICROLEARNING 2005: Learning \& Working in New Media Environments
Luogo conferenza
Innsbruck, Austria
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case study, remote cooperation, virtual workplace, workplace studies