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The ALaRI Intranet: a Remote Collaboration Platform for a Worldwide Learning and Research Network

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Negri L., Bondi U.
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The ALaRI Intranet is a web-based remote learning, tutoring and collaboration platform that has been developed within the ANTITESYS project. ANTITESYS is a EU project involving some of the major academic and industrial institutions in Europe; its aim is to foster academic-industrial collaboration in the field of embedded systems whilst forming selected students by means of a one-year master program, held at the ALaRI institute sited in Lugano, Switzerland. What makes this scenario very unique lies in the roles played by the industrial and academic partners of ANTITESYS. The two sides contribute to the training of the master students in different ways, but both share the problem of integrating remote and face-to-face meetings with the students and with the other stakeholders. In this paper, we present the requirements gathering process and the design phase of the ALaRI Intranet, plus some details about its actual implementation and some initial usage figures.
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World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 04 (ED-MEDIA 04)
AACE Press
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Lugano, Switzerland
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case study, remote cooperation